Working at Heights


Working at Heights

Working at heights is considered to occur any place where there exists the risk of a person falling a distance of 2m or more as well as any place where a person can gain access to an area within a 2m radium of an open unprotected edge, whereby he or she runs the risk of falling a distance of 2m or more.

Accidents can usually be attributed to unsafe conditions, for this reason it is important that the necessary assessment is completed in terms of analyzing job hazards.

In this course we will look topics such as legislation relating to working at heights, occupational health and safety regulations and safety equipment, to name but a few of the items we will explore.

Target: All staff working at heights or responsible for risk assessment
Description: Hazard Identification, Contingency Anticipation, Planning & Prevention
Legislation: Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993



Stacking & Storage Regulations

Storage of goods often involve some form or another of stacking. If done correctly, this is a very economic way of utilizing the space available. Doing it the wrong way, on the other hand, often results in injury.

Whatever the nature of your business, the likelihood that there will be a system of storage involved creates the need for training in this particular skill. This course is designed to facilitate the learning of various skills needed to use safe and effective methods of storage and is aimed at both employee and employer.

We will cover a number of topics carefully spread out over 27 modules that will highlight various aspects involved with stacking and storage in accordance with current Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Target: Management, Forklift & Crane Operators, Staff responsible for Stacking & Storage
Duration: 04 hours
Description: Legal requirements, Layout, Grouping, Housekeeping, etc.
Legislation: Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1993